ATTENTION! All New Pacific Bell Internet Basic DSL Customers
Using Windows XP . . . PLEASE READ!


SBC Internet services has released a single CD version of the Installer CD (version 2.0) which is Windows XP compatible. Insert the CD and follow the instructions to set up your new SBC Internet Services account.

If you have received the older version of the Installer which contains two CD's ( Blue and Yellow CD), please read the instructions below on setting up your new SBC Internet account using Windows XP.


Do not use the SBCIS Installer Disk #2 (yellow cd). Disk #2 cannot be used with the Windows XP Operating System.

The following will help you configure Windows XP using its BUILT IN DSL DRIVER SOFTWARE (PPPoE) to connect to SBC Internet Services to register your account.

Before upgrading to Windows XP, check the "Modem Compatibility Table" below to determine if your modem is currently compatible with Windows XP.

Modem Type
Compatible with XP
Not Compatible With XP
Alcatel 1000
Efficient 5260/5360
Alcatel SpeedTouch USB Modem
Alcatel SpeedTouch Home (External)
Alcatel SpeedTouch PC (Internal)  
Efficient 3060/4060
Westell Wirespeed
Cayman 3220H Router
Efficient 5861/Cabletron Router
Texas Instruments (Compaq PC)**
* XP Compatible drivers will be available in the near future
** The Texas Instruments modem is only compatible when upgrading to WindowsXP from the original operating system provided by Compaq.


Once you have verified that you have a Windows XP compatible modem, follow the instructions that you received with your DSL kit. When the instructions direct you to insert Disk #2 (yellow CD), disregard the instructions and follow the procedure below:



1. Go to Start > Control Panel


2. Double click on "Network Connections".


3. Click on the icon labeled "Make New Connection".


4. The "Network Connection Wizard" will now come up. Click on the "Next" button.



5. Select "Connect to the Internet", then click "Next".



6. Select "Set up my connection manually", then click on "Next".


7. Select "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password". Click "Next".

8. Type the name of your ISP in the field, Click "Next".


9. Enter the registration User name and Password as shown below.

User Name: dslreguser

Password: reguser


10. The Setup process is finished. Place a check under "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop". Click "Finish"


11. The Setup process is finished. The connection box will appear. Click "Connect" to access the Internet.


12. Launch Internet Explorer which is included with XP and enter the following URL:


13. Follow the instructions screen by screen to register your new account.

14. Once you have completed the registration process, go to your desktop and double click on the name of the connection you just created (i.e. SBCIS).


15. Click on the "Connect" button. Once connected, launch your web browser to access the Internet.




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